Vintage Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

I don't remember where I had gotten this bracelet but I did restring/knot it. These pearls are slightly off white. They are slightly flat on one side. This is a small bracelet. It measures 7-1/2" long, from end to end, including the clasp. So if your wrist is 7-1/2" this will not fit you.
Vintage freshwater pearl bracelet.

I don’t remember where I got this bracelet but it needed to be restrung/knotted. These are slightly off white freshwater pearls. They are slightly flat on one side. This bracelet measures 7-1/2″. If your wrist is 7-1/2″ this bracelet will not fit you. It should fit a wrist 6-1/2″ to 6-3/4″. I do not know what the clasp is made of, there were no markings on it. I am assuming it’s gold because it is not tarnished at all. The clasp is a very unusual one. It’s like a plunger. You take the left side and put it up to the little round area that sticks out on the clasp. Then push down and the end slips right in. And you do the same to remove it. I’ve never seen a clasp like that before. I tried to research clasps and didn’t find anything either.

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