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Textured Ring Silver-filled 21″ Necklace

hammeredThis necklace was made using 18 gauge Silver-filled wire. Silver filled is in the middle of the silvers. There’s silver plating that usually chips off and exposes the base metal under it. Silver-filled is a more reasonable priced silver option. There is the base metal but it’s got many layers of silver over it. And then you have solid sterling silver. Silver-filled is not as soft as solid sterling silver and can withstand a bit more handling.

This silver-filled necklace measures 21″ long and has a sterling silver lobster clasp. Each ring was soldered, hammered, textured and joined together by soldering a handmade jump ring to each large ring.  It was buffed and then tumbled to a bright shine.

The larger textured rings are just a bit smaller than a dime. They measure 15.4mm.

hammered close up

It will be shipped in a safe container within a bubble envelope and it will also be in an antitarnish bag.

Shipping is based on zip code and there is not handling or added shipping fees.  Shop in my secure web store.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Petite Roses Bracelet

This “Petite Rose Bracelet” is Silver-filled links with Sterling Silver roses on each link.  It’s not silver plated, the silver is not going to chip off.  The bracelet measures 8-1/8″ from end to end. It will fit a 7-1/4″ wrist nicely. It’s 100% handmade.

This bracelet can be purchased in my secure web store. Just click the link below to purchase.


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Copper Bracelet

actually, I can

actually, I can

Sometimes we need a little reminder that we are stronger than we think we are.  This bracelet is great inspiration!  There is a quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right.”  Be positive and think you can!

This bracelet is made of copper. It was hammered, textured, drilled, stamped, polished and curved. I made the jump rings and the chain by hand. It was a very fun bracelet to make. The ends of the wires were filed and bent inward so they won’t scratch your skin. It has a very smooth feel.  If your wrist is 7-1/2″ or less it will fit you. If your wrist is smaller than 7-1/2″ the hook can be moved to the link that is most comfortable for you.

This bracelet sells for $16 and I will provide a link to my secure web store. I am not that great at using WordPress so I will be seeking help to get my photo put on here in the right place and getting an icon for purchasing.  Plus I will be taking notes so I remember how to do it myself on my next post.

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