The Countess Beaded Christmas Bulb PDF




The Countess bulb is a fun bulb to bead. It’s got some easy to find elements.  There’s seed beads, fircontess bulbe-polished beads and pearls.  Work up the pattern and add your bulb.  This is the first bulb I have made that is not encased by the beads.  It’s my first “dangling” bulb.  These bulb covers are nice because if the bulb breaks, you just carefully clean up the mess and slip it on a new bulb.  And they are easier to ship too.  No more worrying if the delicate bulb will make it through the mail.  I am planning on designing a few more bulbs like this in the future. I’d say near future but I get too busy with other projects and I get the bulbs done when I can.

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